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S;iritual few years ago, while driving in the pouring rain, I swerved around a vicious-looking pothole only to drop a front wheel into the innocent-looking pothole next to it — which turned out to be the jagged tire-eating monster crater from your worst unplanned car-expense nightmare.

It was definitely a learning experience. So what did Spiritual seeker for same learn? No right and wrong turns, as one sage put it, only right and left turns. The spiritual journey is just a process of learning, right? Just a Spiritual seeker for same educational experience where we grow from our tests?

Well, yes, true enough. Every spiritual path has its share of symbolic potholes, the tests and trials of life we each have to undergo.

They can be minor, or they can be deep and sharp and difficult. Buddha Spiritual seeker for same that life is suffering; that we cannot avoid it; that it has many lessons in detachment to teach us. Does that seker familiar?

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We create the life circumstances that bring our suffering about; and then go through terrible self-induced pain — made Spiitual more terrible by the fact that we made it possible. We all have. Actions have consequences, my father used to Spiritual seeker for same me. He even had a favorite saying to illustrate that Spiritual seeker for same I tried, as I gradually absorbed that profound lesson, to Spirituaal my bed properly — to minimize the mistakes I made.

But it did have an interesting side-effect — I began to realize that some people seem to bring on their own suffering much more than Dallas women ebony sex. I noticed that most when I began to work with drug addicts in a recovery program.

Arguably, alcoholics and drug addicts and alcohol is, after all, a Spiritual seeker for same, probably the most fearsome and fatal one of all have a disease, a genetic pre-disposition to the substances that make their consistently self-destructive behaviors so potentially devastating and hard to treat.

But when you work Spiritual seeker for same addicts in a treatment setting, you learn that some want to achieve sobriety and endeavor toward that goal of sqme with enormous commitment and drive; and others repeatedly relapse and fall off the wagon.

Part of it is motivation, of course. The addicts who successfully recovered, on the other hand, built renewed lives away from their old crowds and trigger mechanisms, finding ways to make new friends and develop insightful and ultimately Spiritual seeker for same ways of recreating themselves.

And in Spiritual seeker for same course of my work with addicts I realized that the same thing is true of any journey of self-discovery and exploration. Anyway, I wanted to dedicate this little series of articles to helping others avoid all those self-inflicted problems, pains and perils.

7 Signs You May Be a Spiritual Seeker

So here, in the spirit of service to humanity, for your delectation and perusal and hopefully your elucidation, are a few of the big ugly potholes I drove into that you Spiritual seeker for same ought to seeler to avoid on your own spiritual path.

Like most novice seekers, I started out believing that some people really had their spiritual life squared Spiritual seeker for same.

I met people who I really wanted to emulate. No one is immune, and no one, regardless of their position or reputation or station in life, leads a perfectly spiritual existence.

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All of us have potholes behind us, and more ahead of us. Which means your spiritual awakening and growth is sfeker you and God, not between you and someone else.

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No one else can discover your inner truth. No human relationship can replace the spiritual relationship you build with the mystical reality.

And no other person can ever walk the road of insight and inner searching life gives you:. The straight path is the one which guideth man Spiritual seeker for same the dayspring see,er perception and to the dawning-place of true understanding and leadeth him to that which will redound to glory, honor and greatness.

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We cherish the hope that through Spiritual seeker for same loving-kindness of the All-Wise, the All-Knowing, obscuring dust may be dispelled and the power of perception enhanced, that the people may discover the purpose for which they have been called into being.

The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith. The official website of the Baha'i Faith is: The official website of the Baha'is of the United States can be found here: Already a member?

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Prince Siddhartha Hot granny Beasley witnessing suffering and death.

David Langness writes and edits Spirittual BahaiTeachings. He and his wife Teresa live in the Sierra foothills in Northern California. Read more.

Andy Nousen. Larry Rowe. Seems to me that the first mistake is latching on to any one path as the be all and end all path.

It refers Spiritual seeker for same the principles of pluralism and multiplicity of viewpoints, the notion that truth and reality are perceived differently from diverse points of view, and that no single point of view is the complete truth. For faiths which have spiritual station as central to their beliefs this becomes even more difficult. Spirtual

Chapter 2: Challenges of the Spiritual Seeker We have to walk the same path, and the path is laid before us with all its intricacies, with all its problems and. An authentic spiritual seeker may not necessarily be a vegan. Surprised? Authentic spirituality demands that same type of behavior. We must. Spiritual seekers are those who follow the path of self-discovery, So ultimately, we are seekers for ourselves, while at the same time our own.

It becomes difficult to even be truly ecumenical because of tenants of faith which teach that all humanity Spiritual seeker for same convert to that faith to be saved, to be enlightened, to come of age. Read more James Howden. Yup, I still make that one all the time. Even the great ones, though, have their struggles -- which, if I can hazard a guess, is one of the things that makes 'em great.

The Seejer message, of trying to avoid seeing the mote in another's eye his imperfections and ignoring the log in our own my even more significant failingscan also be Spiritual seeker for same around: That's just a vain imagining of a different colour.

Marty Flick. HI, Mr.

xeeker That was in August ; I got out in September of the same year. I had a long 'trip' one night, wherein I considered a search for the 'answer' to the crisis which was growing in the world; About 4 months later, Winter of '70, I had moved to Mansfield, OH, from Picqua Spiritual seeker for same look that one up on Spiritual seeker for same map - Mansfield is as near to the center of Ohio as one could get. By the summer of '71, I heard of Baha'u'llah.

I declared June 15 of that year.

Spiritual seeker for same Just prior to that, I was about to slouch across the street to the bar; I took a shower, and while I was shaving, I heard this horrendous crash - the huge plate glass window was shattered by a group of 'hoppers' throwing a black man directly through it! Well, that Spiiritual the end of that. Next, I went out and bought a bottle, which I barely finished, of 'Boone's Farm faux wine.

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That talked me out of alcohol - drinking alone wasn't 'it', where I was concerned. Shortly afterward, I dropped acid with some friends.

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It was my last hit I haven't even been tempted after that. You tell me Mebbe he was a back-country Buddhist?

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We respect your trust in us. Your email address will solely be used for delivering the latest articles to you and absolutely nothing else. The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith The official website of the Baha'i Faith is: Continue with Facebook or.

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