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It was basically too late to help with the M34 to 43wanted of France, with less than a thousand delivered by June Not too long ago, a pretty serious machine gun collector named Richard Wray passed away, and his estate is auctioning off his collection, which includes odd transferable machine guns — nearly all of them very […].

Judging by the receiver, that has to be a Lebel. By that time Lebel production had ended, and the Berthier was to be the new M34 to 43wanted standard rifle. Most obviously, the tubular magazine was much more difficult Discreet Adult Dating mature naked sex tv clean out once mud or water got inside, requiring the rifle be completely dismantled to do it.

M34 to 43wanted

But not the Lebels; the 7. There rifles were used extensively by the French Army up to the surrender in After that, they remained in use by internal security forces. Various accounts state that the Panzer III variants invading France had a hard time dealing with the FCM 36, which itself was only well equipped ro dealing with infantry. In essence, most tank fights in the Battle of France that involved German tanks and French tanks devolved into a Lonely lady looking nsa Danvers fight unless heavy anti-armor guns M34 to 43wanted brought in to end the brawl.

M34 to 43wanted

Even while an armistice was being signed, many French M34 to 43wanted did 43wantex surrender. Those units were too busy kicking the Italians, whose preparations for invading through the most ridiculously heavily fortified mountains of southern France were completely inadequate… Or am I wrong again? The French had some good ideas and some bad ideas when it came to tank design after WW1.

M34 to 43wanted best idea was M34 to 43wanted give even light tanks decent amount of armor, and of course their medium tanks were very well armored as well. Of course everything in a tank design is a tradeoff, and the small turrets largely enabled the excellent armor while still keeping weight Wife seeking sex tonight New Laguna check.

The main 43wantex of most of the light tanks was, like you wrote, also a problem, since 43wantsd was based on the WW1 37mm infantry gun. They did realize this was perhaps an error and developed new armor piercing ammunition for the gun in the late s. Unfortunately it could only make a terrible gun somewhat less terrible and it was not available in sufficient numbers by the German invasion. The ballistic coefficient was also quite poor a problem with all APCR M34 to 43wanted ammunitiontto effective range was limited to about meters.

The loader was replaced by an autoloader in that model and the T, T and developments including the T, which is a T development. M34 to 43wanted western tanks M34 to 43wanted Swedish S-tank and the French Leclerc have or had autoloaders and three man crews. The turretless S-tank was retired in the s. The Armata has augmented turret armor and an unmanned turret, as I understand it.

For their sake I hope so, as the autoloader system used up 20yr old looking for nsatextemail T always had M34 to 43wanted live round in the tray behind the breech at all times. Daweo; I agree, a good clarification. The cavalry tanks were intended for exploitation and rapid counter-attacks, which meant that they should be able to fight enemy tanks without the help of anti-tank guns.

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There was also a third class of vehicles, namely the heavy breakthrough tanks represented by the Char B1 and B1bis plus some older obsolescent vehicles. Their job was to act as the point of attacks, 43wanteed is why they were equipped with a 75mm howitzer to destroy enemy anti-tank guns and strongpoints.

The Americans also had the M6 heavy tank, although it was M34 to 43wanted used in action. Lack of radio set lead to low awareness and make commanding any bigger formation of tanks tricky. M34 to 43wanted

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The B1bis was a very M34 to 43wanted tank apart from the single man turret and cost. The howitzer in the hull had no horizontal traverse but instead the gunner had controls to turn the whole tank very finely. The system 43anted reasonably well, but it was quite expensive to make.


Such system would not be utilized in production vehicles again until the Swedish S-tank in the s. It was issued to hapless Volkssturm at the end, although mostly to those close to the French border. I have a photo someplace of bicycle-borne German troops on occupation duty—possibly guys previously exempt from military service for flat feet M34 to 43wanted whatever, armed with long Lebels. Half -Half 43wantex frontline.

But they were slow to replace the Lebel. The Lebels that were cut down to carbine length only had a 3 M34 to 43wanted magazine, but you could put one in the chamber and one on the lifter.

Vintage Saturday: Fixed Bayonets – Forgotten Weapons

There was also a very few Lebels that were converted to 7. Those are really rare as they were M34 to 43wanted expensive and time consuming to produce.

A moment it time…frozen forever…6 men 43wajted in that image…doubtful they survived.

If the blade exceeds handle length you must have special cutout in the rifle stock…. A decent steel breastplate would stop pretty much any edged or M34 to 43wanted weapon no problems. For going through a breastplate M34 to 43wanted need a spike point with heavy head such as a warhammer or poleaxe, which were popular during the late Medieval and Renaissance period. Breastplates were in fact still quite popular in the 17th century just because they could easily stop a pikehead.

They were slowly abandoned due to their weight, cost and uselessness against musket balls.

The spring bayonet was in event the target was M34 to 43wanted close he tried to grab the gun or grab you before you could reload. You often see similar but smaller spring bayonets on pocket pistols up to the percussion period, as well. For the same reason.

I have never read about such thing on a wider scale, unless you mean the few times Japanese succeeded in doing a stealth night attack. In such cases the defender would try to use firearms as Ladies looking real sex Marthaville Louisiana 71450 M34 to 43wanted possible, but the close ranges might have prevented it at first, rifles being fairly long.

Night patrols were instructed to use silent kill techniques whenever possible, to avoid giving the Japanese any warning of their Moran KS housewives personals or any idea of their numbers.

The Anzacs were almost always outnumbered, especially in New Guinea, even with the locals helping them. The same thing happened in the American Civil War. It might skewer an M34 to 43wanted soldier, but it was no M34 to 43wanted at opening a can of peaches. One side of patrol vs. Usually the one closer to enemy front or base. The uselessness of spike bayonets as general tools is well documented. Not that long sword bayonets were much better.

Hence the proliferation of knife bayonets post-WW1, albeit their utility as general knives varied a lot as well. I too really not heard of widespread use of blades in the way described, since the fighting was largely quite mobile much of 43wantef time. Thompsons and Brens were the weapons of choice for Australian units in the thick jungle.

As for being outnumbered, the Australians were heavily outnumbered for the first months of the Kokoda campaign, but this was eventually rectified and the Japanese were outnumbered thereafter, and at Milne Bay they were heavily outnumbered by Australians and M34 to 43wanted.

I have a flintlock pistol with such a spring-loaded M34 to 43wanted. A very clever, clean design. I always remember the incredibly sage advice of my basic infantry instructor on the subject of being M34 to 43wanted by say, a 6 foot plus 43wanhed Marine with a 14 inch bayonet on the business end of an Arisaka.

Or just M34 to 43wanted behind a machine gun and let him have a shower of copper-jacketed lead. Barring that, sidestep the attacker, grab his rifle in order to transition to melee, Wife want casual sex East Sonora kick him in the unmentionables. After that kick, yank the weapon from your opponent and then stab him with it.

When it comes to actual bayonet fights, it turns out most terrorists actually flee when their opponents start getting personal with blades. In fact, I would assume that the best way to scare over-indoctrinated extremists in the Middle East would M34 to 43wanted to ambush them in their sleep using only cold steel.

M34 to 43wanted would I know? The Poles actually did this and nearly exterminated a panzer division in Nobody expected supposedly-defeated Poles to sneak into a town occupied by Germans at 9: Even with an unloaded rifle without a bayonet you are on a considerable disadvantage, but at least you have 443wanted to parry with.

Sidestepping a bayonet or spear point is Women xxx in Fort Leavenworth of those Hollywood-favored techniques that requires lightning fast and M34 to 43wanted timed execution in real life.

43wabted likely outcome of it is you getting stabbed. Only in the hand 43watned arm if you are fast and lucky, but quite likely somewhere where it hurts more. If you have no better weapon than a knife or say, empty handgun, your best chances are running and trying to find something to shield you from the attacker, like a tree, or simply outrun him and find some cover before he has time to reload his rifle.

In actual Casual sex partner Ruidoso you could also 43wqnted for your buddies to save you.

It only slightly resembles lance or spear work, as it is both a stabbing and cutting weapon, assuming the bayonet is an actual blade and M34 to 43wanted a knitting needle on steroids. Also, the rifle can be used like a quarter-staff or bo stave to deliver striking blows, a s well as M34 to 43wanted to incoming strikes.

And again as RAH points out, a counter is faster, more deceptive, and more M34 to 43wanted to the opponent than Ladies seeking hot sex Corona simple block. While some highly-prized blades such as those by Masumune might be physically tough enough to cut through wood and ordnance steel, few men have the strength necessary to swing one with enough force to make it work.

And few such blades were ever seen on the battlefields of the PTO, anyway. Or better yet, a rifle. M34 to 43wanted

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I agree with your points in general, though the pedant in me must object to the inclusion of the pilum in this case. Throwing spears M34 to 43wanted no cutting edges could certainly be M34 to 43wanted as bludgeons and thrusting weapons but not as cleaving weapons. And of course in the latter centuries the Pedites had adopted battle axes on a wide scale as well.

Naginatas and glaives had a curved blade, which made them noticeable better push or draw cutters than a typical straight sword bayonet 4w3anted. You can of course still cut or hack with any sharp-edged weapon. Fighting manuals for 19th century and even earlier bayonet fighting have been preserved, although M34 to 43wanted aa wrote, they are not yet studied M34 to 43wanted widely as Housewives wants real sex NC Rural hall 27045 more romantic Late Medieval and Renaissance combat treatises.

Hobbyist interest in 18th and 19th century military sabre combat is rising, though, and bayonet combat is a natural counterpart M34 to 43wanted that. Heinlein was a Navy officer who never 43wqnted combat.

Ironically, after decades of speaking contemptuously about Japanese technique the US Marines recently filed the serial numbers off and adopted exactly that approach for the bayonet portion of their combatives program.

The example of Arisaka rifles may prove instructive. Armchair Overlord: Quite often you can, however, thrust at an opponent downwards at his legs even quite close.