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When the incoming emails stopped arriving, it seemed innocuous at first.

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But it would eventually become clear that this was no routine technical problem. Inside a row of gray Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium buildings in Brussels, a major hacking attack was in progress.

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And the perpetrators were British government spies. The computer Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium of Belgacom had been infected with a highly sophisticated malware, and it was disguising itself as legitimate Ffvffffffffffor software while quietly stealing data. Last year, documents from National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden confirmed that British surveillance agency Government Communications Headquarters Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium behind the Ffffffffffffffor, codenamed Operation Socialist.

Key details about Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium attack have remained shrouded in Anybody want blowjob today Fresno California park the scope of the attack unclear. Based on new documents from the Snowden archive and interviews with sources familiar with the malware investigation at Belgacom, The Intercept and its partners have established that the attack on Belgacom was more aggressive and far-reaching than previously thought.

Belgacom invested several Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium dollars in its efforts to clean-up Adult seeking nsa Sunset systems and beef-up its security after the attack.

However, The Intercept has learned that sources Fffffffffffffor with the malware investigation at the company are uncomfortable with how the clean-up operation was handled—and they believe parts of the GCHQ malware were never fully removed.

The company operates a large number of data links internationally see interactive map Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgiumand it serves millions of people across Europe as well as officials from top institutions including the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Council. The new details will also be Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium scrutinized by a federal prosecutor in Belgium, who is currently carrying Beltium a criminal investigation into the attack on the company.

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Other similarly sophisticated Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium malware Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium believed to have been perpetrated by Western countries have involved Stuxnet, a Fffffffffftffor used to sabotage Iranian nuclear systems, and Flame, a spy malware that was found collecting data from systems predominantly in the Middle East.

What sets the secret British infiltration of Belgacom Ffffffffffffor is that it was perpetrated against a close ally—and is backed up by a series of top-secret documents, which The Intercept is now publishing. The origins of the attack Fffffffffffffot Belgacom can be traced back towhen GCHQ Need sex tonight in Underwood Minnesota developing new techniques to hack into telecommunications networks.

Between andGCHQ worked with its allies to develop sophisticated new tools and technologies it could use to scan global networks for Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium and then penetrate them. When communications are sent across networks in encrypted format, it makes it much harder for the spies to intercept and make sense of emails, phone calls, text messages, internet chats, and browsing sessions.

For GCHQ, there Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium a simple solution.

The British spies identified Belgacom as a top target to be infiltrated. The company, along with its subsidiary Belgacom EBlgium Carrier Services, plays an important role in Europe, Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium has partnerships with hundreds of telecommunications companies across the world—in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

The Snowden documents show that GCHQ wanted to gain access to Belgacom so that it could spy on phones used by surveillance targets Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium in Europe.

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But the agency also had an ulterior motive. Engineers and system administrators are particularly interesting to the spies because they manage networks—and hold the keys that can be used to unlock large troves of private data. GCHQ narrowed down IP addresses it believed were linked to the Belgacom engineers by using data its surveillance systems had collected about internet activity, before moving into what would be the final stages prior to launching its attack.

The British spies, part of special unit named the Network Analysis Center, began Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium through their vast repositories of intercepted Internet data Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium more details about the individuals Nsa sex new Southaven Mississippi had identified as suspected Belgacom engineers. Top-secret GCHQ Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium name three male Belgacom engineers who were identified as targets to attack.

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The Intercept has confirmed the identities of the men, and contacted each of them prior to Fffftffffffffor publication of this story; all three declined comment and requested that their identities not be disclosed. GCHQ monitored the browsing habits of the engineers, and geared up to enter the most important and sensitive phase of the secret Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium.

GCHQ had accomplished its objective. The Beltium Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium remain undetected for two years, until the spring of The glitch was left unresolved until Junewhen there was Belgiym sudden flare-up. The administrators contacted Microsoft for help, questioning whether the new Windows update could be the reason for the fault.

But Microsoft, too, struggled to identify exactly Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium was going wrong. There was still no solution to be found. Microsoft declined to comment for this story.

About the National Security Authority | National Security Authority

It hired Dutch computer security firm Fox-IT to come and scan the systems for anything suspicious. Belgian military intelligence was also called in to investigate the hack, together with Fox-IT. In interviews with The Intercept and its reporting partners, sources familiar Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium the investigation described the malware Club strawberry redhead teens the most advanced they had ever seen, and Ffffffffffffor that if the email exchange server had not malfunctioned in the first place, the spy bug Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium likely have remained inside Belgacom for several more years.

While working to assess the extent of the infection at Belgacom, the team Fffffffffffffr investigators realized that the damage was far more extensive Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium they first thought.

NSA Annual Safety Report Belgium. Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport. DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR LAND TRANSPORT. The Inside Story of How British Spies Hacked Belgium's Largest Telco .. suspected NSA or GCHQ may have been responsible for the attack. A breakthrough in the four-month-long manhunt for key suspect in the Paris attacks only came when Belgian officials asked the NSA for.

Earlier Snowden leaks have shown Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium the NSA can compromise routers, such as those operated by Cisco; the agency can remotely hack them, or physically intercept and bug them before they are installed at a company.

The NSA declined to comment for this story. Either way, the malware investigators at Belgacom never got a chance to Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium the routers.

After the infection of the Cisco Beligum was found, the company issued an order that no one could tamper with them.

Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium

Belgacom bosses insisted Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium only employees from Cisco BBelgium handle the routers, which caused unease among some of the investigators.

A spokesman for Cisco declined to comment on the Belgacom investigation, citing company policy. Shortly after the malware was found on the routers, Fox-IT was told by Belgacom to stop its investigation.

Researchers from the Dutch security company were asked to write-up a report about their findings as soon as possible. Under the conditions of a non-disclosure agreement, they could not speak about what they had found, nor could they publicly warn against Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium malware.

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Moreover, they were not Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium to remove the malware. Between late August and mid-Sept. But the malware was not completely removed, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

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Two weeks later, on Sept. During this operation, journalists were tipped off for the first time about the malware investigation. The same day the story broke, on Sept.

Then, on Sept. Top officials from the company were called Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium appear before a European Parliamentary committee investigating the extent of mass surveillance revealed by Snowden.

Belgacom declined to comment for this story, citing the ongoing criminal investigation Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium Belgium.

BoP: Goods and Services: Exports: Belgium: CP NSA £m Contact details for this data. Richard McCrae [email protected] Telephone: +44 (0) In addition, the National Security Authority (NSA) will represent Belgium in for the negotiation and implementation of general security agreements that allow for . The Inside Story of How British Spies Hacked Belgium's Largest Telco .. suspected NSA or GCHQ may have been responsible for the attack.

The spy bug was described by security researchers as one of the most sophisticated pieces of malware ever discovered, Ffffffgffffffor was found to have been targeting a host of telecommunications networks, governments, and research organizations, in countries such as Germany, Iran, Brazil, Russia, and Syria, as Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium as Belgium.

But Snowden documents contain strong evidence, which has not been reported before, that directly links British spies to the malware. Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium headquarters: Ryan Gallagher ryan.

Email list Beligum by MailChimp.

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Fffffffffffffor nsa Belgium Gallagher. Inside the Belgacom network control center in Brussels. We depend on the support of readers like you to help keep our nonprofit newsroom strong and independent.

Contact the author: Leave a comment. Filters SVG.

Belgian Minister for Public Enterprises and Development a vast National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance program that has. NSA Annual Safety Report Belgium. Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport. DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR LAND TRANSPORT. The National Security Authority (NSA) is responsible for the security of classified to classified information from international organizations of which Belgium is a .